Old Rag Mountain (2017)


Deep within a forest, the paths of a boy, a bird, and a stone converge in a fragile incident of child curiosity.  Old Rag Mountain is a classical coming of age tale.  The child is in the past, unaware what it means to cause hurt.  The adult waits in the future, aware of actions and consequences, aware of his own mortality.  The boy learns he must confront his remorse and chooses to lay down his weapon.

The short combines multiple animation techniques all composited together.  Backgrounds were made with painted paper cut outs, the rock was rendered as a 3D object, and the bird was painted frame by frame.

I wanted to explore something very meaningful to me within this work, namely the environment, forests and mountains.  There was something special about being young and exploring woods on summer days and I hoped to capture some of that curiosity within the work.


Official Selection:  Atlanta Underground Film Festival, 2017 (Atlanta, GA)

Official Selection: Nevada City Film Festival, 2017 (Nevada City, CA)

Official Selection:  Maine Outdoor Film Festival, 2017 (Belfast, ME)

Official Selection:  Skyline Indie Film Fest, 2017 (Winchester, VA)

Official Selection:  Atlanta Shortsfest, 2017 (Atlanta, GA)

Official Selection:  Miami Independent Film Festival, 2017 (Miami, FL)

Finalist:  Frostbite International Film Festival, 2017 (Colorado Springs, CO)