Mother Sea (2016)

Mother Sea was completed for my studio course at Pratt Institute.  The story has three parts - a man, a woman, and their daughter.  The parts are loosely connected and create a circle.  The man catches a fish, the woman sews together a story, and the daughter, underneath a quilt, is transformed back into the golden fish.  The piece subtly explores a soft pain held between relationships of adults and children and the freedom a child searches for.  This is seen in the repeated injury to the adults and the child's freedom in the ocean.


Semi Finalist:  Film School Shorts, 2017 (SanFrancisco, CA)

Best Animation:  Five Minutes of Fame, 2016 (Richmond, VA)

Official Selection:  Family Film Festival, 2017 (Orem, UT)

Official Selection:  Miami Independent Film Festival, 2016 (Miami, FL)

Official Selection:  Maine Outdoor Film Festival, 2016 (Belfast, ME)