Mother Sea (2016)

Mother Sea (2016)


Mother Sea was completed for my studio course at Pratt Institute.  The story has three parts - a man, a woman, and their daughter.  The parts are loosely connected and create a circle.  The man catches a fish, the woman sews together a story, and the daughter, underneath a quilt, is transformed back into the golden fish.  The piece subtly explores a soft pain held between relationships of adults and children and the freedom a child searches for.  This is seen in the repeated injury to the adults and the child's freedom in the ocean.



Film School Shorts, August 2017 (SanFrancisco, CA)

Family Film Festival, July 2017 (Orem, UT)

Miami Independent Film Festival, September 2016 (Miami, FL)

Maine Outdoor Film Festival, August 2016 (Belfast, ME)

Five Minutes of Fame, August 2016 (Richmond, VA)