Jellyfish (2014)

Jellyfish have always been a fascination to me because I cannot imagine what it's existence is like, if it even has one.  Is it just a gelatinous nerve net pulsating?  Or is it something more?  Does it feel?  Is it aware, and if so, in what way?

Jellyfish is a short motion study in attempt to recreate movement in a more realistic final render.  At the same time it still maintains a level of abstraction that is consistent throughout my work with the morphing watercolor plume.  I wished to explore a more detailed level of animation than I had in the past so I chose to hand paint each frame individually.  Tentacles were later added digitally.

The work has been exhibited twice alongside all the original frames of the animation.  In 2014 it was featured at MOB First Friday gallery and in 2016 was part of Drawing for the Screen at Pratt Institute Digital Art Gallery.